If any of the students like to participate in pro bono work MCL suggests that you contact course leader at the Law School. The Legal Cell provides consultancy advice to clients in order to establish and support pre legal advice sessions carried out by the voluntary lawyers and students


Pro bono Legal Cell is a advice clinic which give a fantastic opportunity to MCL students to get real life experience working on client cases with qualified lawyers.

The Legal Cell also provides the vital services to the local community who cannot afford to pay for legal assistance or access to justice. The Legal Cell allows to seek initial Legal Advice free or further ongoing assistance about problems that might otherwise escalate such as causing threat to housing harassment at employment, arrest by the police or agencies.

The benefit of the pro bono cell to the MCL students is to develop practical legal skills such as research, recognising legal problems for real clients and developing skills interviewing drafting giving advice to clients.

Developing links to the local legal fraternity which will add value to your CV to gain training contracts or employment.

MCL encourages all students to take part in this Pro bono Legal Cell.

For further information contact the coordinator at Legal Cell Manchester College of Law.


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