LLB - Solent University Southampton.

LLB  – Solent University Southampton.

with Final year at Solent University Southampton uk.

Duration: 2 Years at MCL

One Year Top up at Solent University Southampton

Course Overview

The Solent university LLB has been designed to give graduates maximum flexibility when choosing their future progression. The LLB is recognised by Pakistan Bar Council Solicitors Regulation Authority (England) and the Bar standard requirements for a qualifying law degree.

Duration ( 3 Years )
Year 1 – Extended Diploma In Law Level 4 – (ATHE) at MCL
Year 2 – Extended Diploma in Law Level 5 – (ATHE) at MCL
Year 3 – Top up at Solent University Southampton



Contract Law
Learners will gain an appreciation to the significance of contract law in commercial, consumer and social contexts.

Legal Methods
Learners will explore fundamental principles and components of the English Legal System, the judiciary and the civil and criminal process and will gain an appreciation of how the main principles underpin all substantive and procedural areas of law.

Criminal Law
Learners will explore the aims and nature of criminal law and its function as a protector of the State.

Public Law
The unit will enable learners to identify the significance of the separation of power and the sovereignty of Parliament, as well as the importance of human rights norms.


Equity and Trusts
Learners will explore how equity interrelates with other legal topics and how equitable principles apply in domestic and commercial context.

EU Law
This unit will equip learners with knowledge of the European Union legal system and the main substantive aspects of the European Union laws.

Land Law
Learners will explore the meaning of real property, the types of legal and equitable interests in land, the principles of registration and its purpose and the rules behind the operation of selected proprietary rights.

Law of Tort
Learners will explore how tort interrelates with criminal law and how social and political decisions impact on the understanding of negligence.

Progression Routes

Progression Routes: (Duration: 3 YEARS)
Learners may progress to top up Year 3 at Solent University Southampton

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirement:
•GCSE & A levels
•Level 3 qualification in law or legal studies such as Level 3 in Law
•5 years or more of work experience in case you do
not hold any formal qualification.


Tuition Fee: £1950 per Academic year + Registration assessment and examination fee.

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