Law & Ethics Course

Course Overview

This course is designed for the benefit of the Overseas Bar and gives practical training to Lawyers to understand Ethics and Law
How law and the moral interpretation of law can make or break companies is a primary consideration in today’s global business environment. Top managers today consistently rate corporate responsibility and sustainability as top-five concerns affecting business growth. Skilled professionals with abilities in business law, ethics, and governance will always be relied upon to navigate the morality issues faced by global business. Our online law courses add that essential perspective to your professional abilities.


1.1 Governance and Ethics
Governance and ethics plays a vital role in maintaining effective business operations. Learn how business and ethics co-exist within a competitive global market, and study how systematic procedures help ensure sustainability.
1.2 Business Law
In this module you will develop a sound understanding of how to apply fundamental legal concepts across a range of business scenarios. The programme also addresses the legal regulation of companies and will teach you to evaluate the options available to companies in a financial crisis.
1.3 Policy Issues in the Global Economy
Learn how international economic systems cooperate to comply with tax laws and trade restrictions. You will study microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts and efforts made to curtail some of the consequences of international business, including environmental damage and cultural homogenisation.

Awarding Body

MCL and Qualifi (Awarding Body Registered with Ofqual UK)

Certified by

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)


Two weeks


Rs : 50,000

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