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MCL offers joint Diploma Degree programmes to students who wish to graduate with two college diplomas in IT and Law. Both majors are taken simultaneously, either at the same time or at different semesters. This way you can complete both Diplomas in less time.
Our Partners Manchester College are approved providers of the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. BCS is an independent professional body and has powers under the Royal Charters to award Charter Status within the IT industry.
MCL intend to deliver the BCS courses which are flexible, affordable, built on track record of British Academic Excellency. Once a candidate achieves the Higher Education Qualification (HEQ) at diploma level and above, they are eligible to joint BCS as an Associate (AMBCS) member and access wide ranging development opportunities.
On achieving the professional Graduate Diploma in IT, candidates can apply for professional (MBCS) membership, placing them on the path to Chartered IT Professional (CITP) status.
MCL IT Centre is equipped with up to date technology to achieve the qualification of BCS The Chartered Institute for IT.
Certificate in IT
The programme comprises of three mandatory modules :
International Systems
Software development
Computer and Network
The total study time is 734 hours.

Diploma in IT

The Diploma in IT comprises of core module and three optional modules which candidates select
The Core module is Professional Issues in information system and practices
The optional modules, Computer Network, Data Systems, IT Project Management, Object orientated programming, System Analysis and Design, Principles for Internet Technology, IT Service Management , Software Engineering, Principle use of Interface Design
The total study time is 1,086 hours

Professional Graduate Diploma in IT
The Graduate Diploma comprises of four modules to select from the number of modules to suit the chosen career path of the candidate
The modules are Advanced Data Management Systems, Management Information Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Services Management, Knowledge Based Systems, Network Information Systems, Realising the User Interface, System Design Methods
Total Study time is 1,114 hours


If you already hold a qualification that covers the HEQ syllabus, you can apply for exemption for specific modules from BCS The Chartered Institute for IT.


Students must register with BCS and pay any exam fees. The tuition fees of MCL are very competitive and full details are available upon request.

Please apply to

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